Yantian District Information Association carried out research activities in baohengtong Group, a member enterprise

 In order to further promote the improvement of the business environment in Yantian District, visit enterprises to enhance learning and exchange, and fulfill the function of democratic supervision, on the afternoon of June 2, 2022, the Delegation of Yantian District Information Association visited shenzhen Baohengtong Group, a member enterprise, to carry out research activities, and held a discussion and exchange meeting in the site of Baohengtong Group. Sima Bing, president of THE Association and Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, Wang Xia, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee, Director of the Bureau of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of the District, Director of the Bureau of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the District, Fu Wangwei, Deputy director of the Bureau of Science and Technology Innovation, Wang Rong, principal of the Foreign Language Primary School of the District, and other leading members of the association and member representatives attended the activity.



 Exchange conference of discussion, bao hengtong group chairman XiaoDeJun SiMaBing President of a line, a warm welcome, then the 20th anniversary of the feature films and songs, play group show bao hengtong group development course, the main business and the "home" culture, etc., and a detailed report, this year is affected by the outbreak and impact group in guangdong and Hong Kong cross-border logistics business and operations of the practical problems and difficulties, At the same time, opinions and suggestions are put forward on how to solve the problems of enterprises, further optimize the business environment of Yantian District, help enterprises in the area to tide over difficulties, and support the smooth operation and development of enterprises.

Chairman Sima Bing fully affirmed the achievements of Baohengtong Group after 20 years of development. Area, she said, "know cib into the member enterprise in-depth research, listen to the members, collect and understand the member's opinion and the suggestion, area known cib will implement the district party committee government deployment requirements around the district party committee government center, broad consensus, actively make recommendations, performance of the democratic supervision function, promote the optimization business environment, power full spell economic, Yantian will make a positive contribution to build a modern, international and innovative coastal city with high quality and suitable for living, working and traveling.

After the meeting, accompanied by Xiao Dejun, chairman of Baohengtong Group, the delegation visited baohengtong Group's development history exhibition, logistics supply chain, automobile trade, construction and other office areas, and watched the big screen of The Intelligent monitoring center of Baohengtong Group. Understand the real-time operation of baohengtong Group's logistics outlets, warehouses, vehicles and construction projects in South China, East China, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Visit office areas such as headquarters and logistics section of the group


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