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Win the blue sky defense war, help shenzhen blue, ohman in action

Why the sky is charming

Because the blue sky gives countless people reverie.

When you look up at the vast sky

You can find your happiness and dreams.

On November 25, 2018, Fukuda Daimler and Baoyuan Automobile Trading Co-sponsored a large-scale signing and selling event of "Oman Blue" for Shenzhen Blue and Oman customized port car in Fukuda Daimler-Oman Shenzhen in Beijing Bay Hotel.

Mr. Ouyang Haiyan, Mr. Chen Zhengqiang, Mr. Luo Jiangxiao, Vice-President of Shenzhen Container Trailer Transport Association, Mr. Wang Liqiang, President of Shenzhen Logistics Industry Association, Ms. Yi Lihua, Vice-President Liu Xuyong, Mr. Xu Xiaoming, Secretary-General, Executive Director of Southern Branch of Futian Daimler Marketing Company Mr. Liao Yangbo, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Xiao Dejun, Chairman of Shenzhen Baohengtong (Group) Co., Ltd. and more than 300 Oman customers attended the event to witness the large-scale signing and sale of Futian Daimler-Oman Shenzhen customized port car "Oman Blue", "Oman Blue" attacked again, and the gold supply of port cars was provided. The chain continued to start and the whole city became a sensation.

Go Go Go!

Let small make up to take you to feel the scene of the activity!


Luo jiangxiao, secretary-general of shenzhen container trailer transport association, delivered a speech

Xu xiaoming, secretary general of shenzhen logistics industry association

Fukuda Daimler marketing company south branch executive vice President liao yangbo speech

Site on

Preferential policies

1. Shenzhen port car ETX, GTL4*2 fukang machine series: zero down payment + zero interest

Two: on-site car ordering will be presented with 2,000 yuan oil card/set

Third: launch the service of exchanging old cars for new ones

The deadline of financial promotion policy is January 31, 2019

Launching ceremony

Signing ceremony

After a series of product explanation and policy understanding, we have signed up for the test drive, share the test drive experience.

In order to thank new and old customers for their support, not only prepared a sumptuous dinner party for customers, but also wonderful program performance and generous gifts to give back to everyone.

On the day of the activity, shenzhen pingjiang chamber of commerce, trailers association chaoshan line price self-discipline committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement with baoyuan auto trade on the spot.

Singing and dancing performances in the laughter and joy are constantly presented, the scene is lively, the audience is enthusiastic, applause is continuous, the scene is jubilant.

121 vehicles were booked at the event site. Fukuda Daimler added a boost to the government's victory in the Blue Sky Defense War. I believe Oman will make greater contribution to the construction of the Blue Sky and White Cloud City in Shenzhen on the road to help Shenzhen Blue.

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